Pimp In Distress

by Toxic Crew

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"Pimp In Distress" is the debut album by Toxic Crew, a Hardcore-Punk trio based out of SUNY Purchase College in Westchester County, NY.

All parts recorded live at the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase College except where noted

For booking and inquiries, email toxiccrewband@gmail.com


released April 1, 2017

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Danny Caro
Mastered by Steven Meara
Album Artwork by Aidan Voss

All lyrics written by Jon Mohan and Milo Stricker
All music written by Toxic Crew except where noted
All songs performed by Toxic Crew except where noted

Toxic Crew is:
Milo Stricker - Vocals
John N. Mastroberardino - Bass
Jon "JoMo" Mohan - Drums / Vocals

Milo would like to thank:
Basically anyone who’s giving this band, or ever has given this band a chance. BIG shout outs to Aaron, Chris, Aidan, Teo, Alice, Jon, and Holden for being some main homies and supporting this since from the sidelines since day 1. Shout out to the rest of my friends, SUNY Crew and Ti Crew, for being just GOOD people, keep doing that. Shout out to my family (duh). Shout out to Danny and Steven for helping create this album on the technical/production side of things. Shout out to the 518 hardcore scene, for inspiring me to create music, and not eating me alive. Shout out to my bandmates, for being literally so talented and sharing this vision with me, we’re literally about to take this shit over.

Jon would like to thank:
First and foremost, my family for letting me run free and do all of this to begin with, and just truly incredible people like Danny and Steven for the top-notch studio work, Simon Ross for being the true day-one fam with all of his constant love, support and feedback, Aidan Voss for pumping out all the great graphic design work, Eric Scanga for being a great roadie and older bro to the band and getting crowds moving for us, Bobby and Jen for letting us stay at their place when we do shows down south, as well as the Mastroberardinos for letting us crash at their place a few times, dudes like Zach Ellwood and Ricky Witte for the hella good promotion and booking work, Kaitlyn Pillig for helping with bake sales, shows and merch, Sebastian Singh and David Peterman for rad photos, and Em Murray for an INCREDIBLE logo as well as a ton of help with making shirts.

Huge shout-outs also to super helpful and supportive peeps like Will Spitzer (and the Spitzer family), Benjamin Galloway, Alejandro Becerra, Sara Weiss, Britney Scott, Kat Doyle, Trevor Pilinko, Jorge Portero, Logan Bruner, Jeremy Suarez, Ian Caruso, Teresa Wheeler, Bee Moore, Derek Sherry, Christina Quoka, Anel Martinez, Adam Browne, Johnathan Mendez, Sal Vassallo, Andres Torres, Matt Salerno, Francis Pace-Nunez, Henry Titcomb, Eric Palermo, Oliver Divone, the homies over at Capital City Concerts and The Loft for booking us on some sweet gigs, all of the bands we've opened for and played with over the past year, and all of the others who have pushed me to pursue my passions with music and performing because they believe in us and what we're doing.

There are honestly so many more people to list... Sadly I can't name them all at once, but you know who you are. None of this would have been possible if not for your support, no matter how big or small it was. If you bought a shirt, came to a show, or even just told us that you love what we do, that means the world to us. This album, all of these shows, everything so far, and all of what's to come -- It's all thanks to you guys. Thank you. <3



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Toxic Crew New York

Toxic Crew is a Hardcore-Punk trio based out of Westchester, NY and has played an assortment of venues in NY, NJ, PA and MD since 2016, opening for bands like Vanna, Silent on Fifth Street, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Bad Case, A War Within and Left Behind.

Good vibes, hard moshing, and heavy jams.
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Track Name: 2999
Everyone I love is gone.
Frozen; decay

I’m stuck in place,
But time goes on.
The world has changed,
Something’s wrong.

Everyone I love is gone
Frozen; decay

One eye is all I see.
The end of time

Track Name: This Woman Baked An Egg Inside An Avocado, And What Happens Next Will Blow Your Tits Clean Off
Went to The Hub
Forgot my More Card
Track Name: 7-Eleven Was A Part-Time Job
You’re no better than me
That is something you can’t see
You’ve built a wall around yourself
Out of anger deporting; fear, consuming

I’ve got no money; I’ve got no job
All I do is sit around and masturbate
I’ve got no money, I sold my dog
I won’t pray to your conservative God

Your toupee is full of lies
Views as crooked as my cock
Lick my Chewbacca pubes
This is my country too
Track Name: Beefy Cheddar (R.I.P. John N. Mastroberardino)
Does he feel the sun?
Does the startled rabbit run?
Or does he hold his ground and fight for everything he fucking loves?
Toxic mentality will be the death of me

Put my teeth to the curb and stomp my head down
Cause I know you want to be the fucking tough guy
Track Name: Pimp In Distress
I’m in love with the stress I’m in
Never right, I’ll never win
Broke my knuckles on the door
Full of failure and I want more

Get out
This is goodbye
So Toxic
You don’t control me

Constant cycles, it comes in waves
It's just a burning in my brain
Give me pills to ease the urges
In the end the darkness worsens

Get out
This is goodbye
So Toxic
You don’t control me

Love and hate is all the same
Feel a pleasure in the pain
When you see the world like I do
See a crib ain’t different than a tomb

Get out
This is goodbye
So Toxic
You don’t control me

I just want out
You just want in
You’ve turned my life into a fucking prison

In, out
Out, in
Let me out
You want in
Track Name: Ghosts
I am the phantasmal beast
I will haunt you in your dreams
Never close your eyes and never fall asleep
Cause I will be there and you will fear me

Rain falls
Brain is burning down
Free my soul, free my heart
Let me out

Rain falls
Brain is burning down
Send me down to Hell
Track Name: Ben & Jerry's
Stripped naked of my self-respect
Peel back my skin just to see what’s left
Twist the knife in my back
I now know that you were never mine

I’ve lost sight of myself
Bleeding from the inside out
I’ve left it all behind
This was not worth the sleepless nights

Your face has faded from my mind
Gone without a trace
This body’s worn and cold
Lonely decay is all I’ve ever known

You’re so fucking useless
And I’m so fucking used
Track Name: Toxic Bukkake
Cum on your face
Cum on your back
Cum on your tits
Not a chance to miss

This is the Toxic Bukkake
Toxic Bukkake baby
Toxic Bukkake

Let me tell you what I’m gonna do
Cumming all over; fucking you
Toxic Bukkake
Track Name: 9 Layers Of Dick
Track Name: T.X.C.R.
Wait in the rain, jump in the car
Drive 30 minutes for nothing at all
Stop for cigarettes, gas station blues
From The Bronx to Albany, we are the Toxic Crew

This is a warning, we don’t play it safe
We’ll do what we want; say what we want
And you can’t fuckin stop us

Yes we’re different, we’re not like you
Cause we are motherfucking Toxic Crew
And we’re no good for you
We are here for you

We’ll start a pit, get wrecked as fuck
Wake up bruised from your head to your butt

Hold the fuck up, you heard the news?
From The Bronx to Albany, we are the Toxic Crew